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Health News on April 26, 2012

Tobacco companies resorting to slick presentation to lure kids
A new research has revealed that tobacco companies are designing cigarette packs to resemble bottles of perfume or with lids that flip open like a lighter to lure young people into smoking. ANI

WHO's tobacco control policy could save millions of lives
Immediate application of the World Health Organization smoking reduction policy- increasing cigarette prices- could prevent millions of smoking-related deaths by 2030, say University of Michigan researchers. ANI

Dietary supplements 'do no good and may give you cancer'
A leading study has warned that millions of people who take dietary supplements to boost their health may be doing themselves more harm than good. ANI

Strong daylight may help prevent and treat heart attacks
CU medical school researchers have revealed that intense light could be used to treat heart attacks. ANI

Vitamin D supplements 'as good as' drugs at reducing BP
Vitamin D supplements could be as effective as some of the prescribed pill, when it comes to lowering blood pressure in patients diagnosed with hypertension, researchers say. ANI

Eating berries can help keep your brain sharp in old age
A high intake of flavonoid rich berries, such as strawberries and blueberries, can delay memory decline in older women by 2.5 years.his is the conclusion of a new study by researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). ANI

Longer breastfeeding plus antiretroviral drugs could reduce HIV transmission to babies
Scientists had revealed that giving daily antiretroviral drugs (ART) to HIV-infected moms or their breastfeeding babies for 28 weeks proved safe and effective for preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission through breast milk. ANI

Still no evidence that mobile phones harm human health
Scientists who looked at hundreds of studies of mobile phone exposure have found no conclusive links to cancer risk, brain function or infertility. ANI

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