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Women 'fake orgasm because of insecurities and own fear of intimacy'

June 8, 2011 - London

Scientists at the Temple University in Pennsylvania have discovered the reason why women pretend to climax in bed - they are riddled with insecurities and have a fear of intimacy.

While 60 percent of women claim to have faked ecstasy during intercourse or oral sex, researchers believe this has little to do with protecting their partner's sensitive feelings.

Instead, according to a study, many girls pretend to climax due to their own fear of intimacy; or because they feel insecure about how their bodies react during intercourse; or simply because they want it to end as soon as possible.

"This is something that we talk about happening in popular culture, in the movies and magazines," the Daily Mail quoted lead researcher Erin Cooper as telling LiveScience.

"We know that this is pretty prevalent in our culture, but we don't know much about it from a scientific standpoint. That to me is a real catastrophe," she added.

Cooper interviewed 366 women aged between 18 to 32, all of whom readily admitted to faking orgasms.

The volunteers were asked to explain the reasons why they pretended to orgasm and how they felt about sexual intimacy.

Those who feared intimacy faked climaxing in order to emotionally keep their partner at arm's length, while others were doing it to cover up their own embarrassment at not feeling physically aroused.

"Women who have a hard time getting close to other people on an emotional level it seems now are also having a hard time getting close to other people on a sexual level," said Cooper.

"They are having a hard time across the board, and may be very much in need of intervention to help them out in another domain," she said.

"This could either be the cause or the symptom - we don't know enough about it yet," she added.

While Cooper found many women fake climaxing for reasons relating to their own securities, there is also a minority who do it to enhance their own sexual pleasure.

"This small subset of women who are faking orgasm for the purposes of increasing their own arousal, actually have higher levels of sexual satisfaction," she said.

"So, maybe we should not be questioning their strategy; it's one of many tools in their toolboxes for having a positive sexual experience," she added.


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