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Health News on September 29, 2011

Anti-caking agents degrade vitamin C instead of protecting it from humidity
Anti-caking agents meant to protect vitamin C from moisture in powdered products may instead hasten degradation of the nutrient, according to a new study. ANI

Women smokers more likely to report chronic pain syndrome
A new study has found that women who smoke heavily may experience more chronic musculoskeletal pain. ANI

Tobacco industry knew about cigarettes' cancer risk since 1959, but kept quiet
UCLA researchers have claimed that tobacco companies knew that cigarette smoke contained radioactive alpha particles that could potentially cause lung cancer for more than four decades, but they deliberately kept their findings from the public. ANI

Psychosocial stress 'ups women's chance of developing breast cancer'
A study has suggested that psychosocial stress could play a role in the etiology of breast cancer aggressiveness, particularly among minority populations. ANI

Even 'slightly raised normal range' blood pressure ups stroke risk
Even slightly raised blood pressure which is within the normal range increases a person's chances of experiencing a future stroke by 55 percent, according to a new research. ANI

Wearing sports bra during workouts can prevent tissue damage
A new study has suggested that wearing sports bra during workouts can save women from the risk of damaging the ligaments connected to the breast tissue. ANI

Soon, a "stay sober" pill that stops you from getting drunk despite a binge
Scientists are developing a "stay sober" pill that can stop people from making fools of themselves on a night out by limiting the effects of alcohol on their brains. ANI

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