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Health News on September 26, 2011

Under-30s twice as likely to miss work due to illness than over-55s
A new survey has found that younger people are twice as likely to miss work through illness as their older colleagues.ccording to the figures, under-30s are more likely to stay at home while suffering from colds and flu, allergies and intolerances than over-55s, the Telegraph reported. ANI

Overweight mums likelier to have fat babies
A new study led by an Indian-origin scientist has found that babies born to overweight mothers are fat, and concluded that childhood obesity starts in a mother's womb. t suggested that being overweight or obese in pregnancy could result in potentially harmful changes to a baby's fat levels while still in the womb. ANI

Laughter Yoga is all the rage with Vietnam's fitness fanatics
Laughter Yoga, also known as laughter therapy, has grown in popularity in Vietnam, creating a new club of fanatics who gather in the mornings everyday to chuckle and chortle their way to fitness. ANI

Eating veggies and fruits cuts risk of certain bowel cancers
Eating vegetable such as brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli significantly cuts the risk of developing colorectal cancer, a new research has found. ANI

Why stress gets the better of women, not men
Women suffering severe stress can develop heart disease, cancer and arthritis while men suffer no such illness from the same, scientists believe. ANI

Moderate alcohol intake could cut asthma risk
A new study has suggested that drinking alcohol in moderate quantities have the potential to curb down risk of asthma. ANI

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