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Health News on September 24, 2011

Rapid height loss may signal heart, bone disease
Height loss is a natural part of aging and nothing to worry about-some people start losing around half an inch in height as early as 30. ANI

High fat food triggers gene 'switch' leading to Type 2 diabetes
Australian scientists have discovered what they believe is a gene that switches on when people consume high amounts of high-fat food. ANI

Red wine does not lower high BP as previously believed
Drinking two or three glasses of red wine each day has no effect on lowering high blood pressure, according to a new research. ANI

Heart drug could be used to treat respiratory failure
A drug used to treat acute heart failure may be a possible treatment for patients facing respiratory failure too, according to researchers in the Netherlands. ANI

Arrangement of food in your kitchen influences your eating habits
It is not so much the food that prevents one from controlling weight, but rather where it is placed in the kitchen, according to a new study. ANI

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