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Health News on September 23, 2011

Hope for blind as embryonic stem cell test given go-ahead in UK
A UK hospital has been given green signal to carry out a landmark trial, the first in Europe, using human embryonic stem cells, a breakthrough that will give hope to the blind and partially-sighted. ANI

Soon, 'zapper' device to free millions of women from pain of fibroids
A U.S. company has designed a gadget that could free millions of women from the pain of fibroids, benign lumps in and around the womb that affect one in four women at some point in their lives. ANI

Virus that does not cause disease kills human breast cancer cells in lab
A study has found that a non disease causing virus kills human breast cancer cells in the laboratory, creating opportunities for potential new cancer therapies. ANI

Lack of vitamin D linked to airway changes in children with severe asthma
A study has found that lower levels of vitamin D may cause structural changes in the airway muscles of children with STRA, making breathing more difficult. ANI

Common dietary supplement shown to lower risk of Type 2 diabetes
A new research has demonstrated that an over-the-counter dietary supplement may help slow down the development of insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, that are the markers of Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. ANI

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