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Health News on September 19, 2011

New technique that makes cancer cells 'glow' during surgery developed
Tricky cancer operations can be made easier and more effective - thanks to a Purdue University researcher's revolutionising technique that 'lights up' the cancerous cells during a surgery. ANI

Loving your body is key to kicking the butt and losing weight
Learning to love your body is much more effective than exercising alone to help you quit smoking and to lose the extra kilos that come with it, a new research has suggested. ANI

Why men get bed-ridden by colds, while women soldier on
Men really do suffer more than women when they get a cold, according to a new research. ANI

Red wine has no special protective qualities, say health experts
The myth that red wine is good for preventing heart attacks has come under question from health experts, who have said that any type of alcoholic drink can only do a drinker damage. ANI

3-4 cups of coffee a day can cut stroke risk by 17pc
Drinking three to four cups of coffee a day can make us 17 percent less likely to suffer a stroke, a new research has found. ANI

People born after WWII more likely to binge drink, develop alcohol disorders
A new study has found that people born after World War II are more likely to binge drink and develop alcohol use disorders. ANI

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