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Health News on September 15, 2011

Want to be happy and slim? Wake up early
A new study has found that people who wake up early are slimmer, happier and healthier than those who get up later in the day. ANI

Milk-drinking teens less prone to type 2 diabetes than non-milk drinkers
A new study has suggested that teens who drink milk are 43 percent less likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes as adults. ANI

Promising formulations for methamphetamine addiction vaccine revealed
Scientists are reporting development of three promising formulations that could be used in a vaccine to treat methamphetamine addiction. ANI

Electronic cigarettes becoming the choice of many long-term smokers
A study has found that electronic cigarettes are becoming the choice of many long-term smokers. ANI

More women in developing world dying younger from breast, cervical cancer
A new global analysis has found that the number of cases and deaths from breast and cervical cancer are rising in most countries, especially in the developing world where more women are dying at younger ages. ANI

Shy, sad kids at risk of being diagnosed with mental disorders
Children who are simply shy or sad are at risk of being diagnosed with mental disorders and could be prescribed powerful medication to control or alter their behaviour, experts have warned. ANI

Chocolate is 'as good for your health as jogging'
Do you hate getting up early everyday to work out at a gym? Here's good news for you - just indulge in some delicious dark chocolate. ANI

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