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Health News on September 13, 2011

New method can diagnose osteoarthritis at early stage and prevent it
A new method is set to help doctors diagnose osteoarthritis at such an early stage that it will be possible to delay the progression of the disease by many years, or maybe even stop it entirely. ANI

Indian-origin researcher's website for teens seeking sexual health advice
An Indian-origin researcher has launched a website named 'Ask A Doc RI' to provide a platform for teenagers seeking reliable information on reproductive health. ANI

Dengue effect: Lahore schools closed for next 10 days
In a bid to curb dengue in the Pakistani province, the Punjab Government has announced the closure of all education institutions in Lahore for the next ten days. ANI

Risk of insomnia 67pc higher if family member is insomniac
A study has found that the risk of suffering from insomnia is 67 percent higher if a family member is insomniac. ANI

Sugar-free polyol gum, lozenges, hard candy help prevent cavities
A multi-disciplinary expert panel has recommended that sugar-free chewing gum, lozenges and hard candy including xylitol or polyol combinations, and a prescription varnish with chlorhexidine and thymol could be beneficial in preventing cavities. ANI

Poor Indian pregnant women getting costly-private-hospital delivery for just $90
A rapidly growing chain of private hospitals in India are providing maternity and delivery care to poor pregnant women for less than 100 dollars. ANI

Cardiovascular disease treatment improves sexual function in men with ED
A study has found that lifestyle modifications and pharmaceutical treatment of risk factors for cardiovascular disease are associated with improvement in sexual function among men with erectile dysfunction (ED). ANI

Kicking the butt 'can improve your personality'
Quitting smoking not only improves overall health but also enhances your personality, says a new study. ANI

Long-term use of non-aspirin painkillers triples kidney cancer risk
People who take non-aspirin painkillers such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, and naproxen for more than 10 years are at a three-times higher chance of getting kidney cancer, according to new research. ANI

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