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Health News on October 5, 2011

Traffic pollution 'linked with low birth weight in babies'
A new West Australian study has found that traffic emissions are responsible for lower than average birth weights among babies born in some suburbs. ANI

Smoking may lead to 40 million excessive deaths from TB by 2050
A new research has claimed that smoking could be responsible for 40 million excess deaths from tuberculosis between 2010 and 2050. ANI

Mechanism behind fat cells losing storage ability discovered
A new research conducted by researchers at the Yale University claims to have discovered a mechanism that causes fat cells to lose their ability to efficiently store and use energy. ANI

Smoking hits women harder than men in every which way
A new study has claimed that women who smoke have heart attacks at younger ages and are more likely than men to suffer complications months after a cardiac arrest. ANI

Secret behind cooking perfect boiled egg revealed!
A group of schoolgirls have cracked the secret of cooking the perfect boiled egg. ANI

Green tea may help fight against obesity
Penn State food scientists have found that green tea may slow down weight gain and serve as another tool in the fight against obesity. ANI

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