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Health News on October 30, 2011

Unlocking insects' physiology may lead to advances in human health
Understanding insect physiology may lead to advances in human health and welfare, a US researcher says. ANI

Drunkorexic women skipping food for booze
Drunkorexia - a new trend that involves not eating in order to save calories for alcohol is gaining momentum amongst women. ANI

Binge-eating disorder destructive for men as well
A new study has found that binge-eating disorder is as destructive for men as it is for women but men are less likely to seek treatment as compared to their female counterparts. ANI

Shock therapy may help overcome erectile dysfunction
Shocking the pe**s with sound waves may help patients with an erectile dysfunction who are not responding well to drug treatments, a new study has found. ANI

Thyroid surgery may reduce sleep apnea symptoms like snoring
Surgical removal or reduction of an enlarged thyroid gland could help reduce sleep apnea symptoms like snoring, a new study has suggested. ANI

Hyderabad hospital uses robotic technology to treat brain stroke
A corporate group of hospitals at Hyderabad has launched the first robotic treatment facility to aid neurologists in treating patients suffering from brain strokes. ANI

More than a third of primary school girls starve to gain 'ideal' shape
More than a third of girls as young as 11 are adopting drastic methods like skipping meals to pursue their ideal body shape as they are increasingly troubled by their self-image, according to a new report. ANI

Half of teenage girls 'too sleep deprived' to stay alert in school
Almost half of teenage girls say that they do not get enough sleep to stay attentive in school, a new survey has revealed. ANI

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