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Health News on October 3, 2011

Male menopause 'can be safely cured with testosterone treatment'
Male menopause, which is being re-branded testosterone deficiency syndrome, and affects one in five men over 50, can be cured, doctors say. ANI

Anesthesia exposure before age 2 linked to learning disabilities in kids
Researchers at Mayo Clinic in Rochester have found an association among children undergoing multiple surgeries requiring general anesthesia before age 2 and learning disabilities later in childhood. ANI

Smokers likely to have strokes almost 10 yrs earlier
A new research, led by an Indian-origin researcher, has claimed that not only are smokers twice as likely to have strokes, they are also almost a decade younger than non-smokers when they have them. ANI

Playing soccer halves death risk among homeless
A new research has revealed that street football has a positive impact on the health and fitness of homeless people. ANI

Men develop diabetes with less weight gain than women
A new study has revealed that men apparently develop type 2 diabetes with less weight gain than women. ANI

Prolonged stress 'can shrink the brain' and cause dementia
Suffering from stress for long periods of time can shrink the brain and even lead to dementia, researchers have claimed. ANI

Denmark imposes 'fat tax' to curb unhealthy eating habits
Denmark has become the first country in the world to 'tax fatty foods' in order to curb unhealthy eating habits. ANI

Soon, once-a-day fruit extract pill can stop you from going grey!
For those who are not quite ready to embrace the 'silver fox' look too early in life, fret not as help is at hand. ANI

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