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Health News on October 25, 2011

Yoga, stretching exercises help ease chronic low back pain
Yoga classes and stretching exercises could help patients with chronic low back pain in reducing symptoms and improving function, a new study has suggested. ANI

Outdoor play could cut kids' risk for nearsightedness
Allowing children and adolescents to spend more time outdoors may help reduce rates of nearsightedness, also known as myopia, in them, according to a new analysis of recent eye health studies. ANI

Insomnia could up heart attack risk
If you are having trouble sleeping, you could also have a moderately higher risk of having a heart attack. ANI

Drinking water disinfection byproducts could up risk for Alzheimer's
Drinking water disinfection byproducts suggests a possible connection to adverse health effects, including neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, a new study has warned. ANI

Rural women more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer
Rural women are more likely than women living in cities to be diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer, a new study has revealed. ANI

3 cups of coffee a day can cut skin cancer risk by 20pc
Coffee consumption can reduce the risk of a common and slow-growing form of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma, according a study. ANI

Drinking more fluids could cut men's bladder cancer risk
Drinking plenty of fluids may help men to protect against bladder cancer, a new study has suggested. ANI

Additives in hot dogs may not cut incidences of colon cancer
It was mandated that that amount of nitrite in hot dogs should be reduced, as it was believed that the compound could cause colon cancer. ANI

5 cans of fizzy soft drinks every week make teens violent
Teens who drink more than five cans of non-diet, fizzy soft drinks every week are significantly more likely to behave aggressively, a new study has suggested. ANI

Yoghurt can help keep heart disease at bay
Australian scientists have revealed that a daily dose of yoghurt can help prevent thickening of blood vessels in old age, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. ANI

Now, '100 pc natural' mouth spray that 'curbs food cravings'
A natural mouth spray that claims to reduce the feeling of hunger in just few days of use has hit the U.K market, promising a new help for dieters. ANI

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