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Health News on October 21, 2011

New breast cancer drug 'more effective' than current therapy
According to a study, a new breast cancer drug that lowers oestrogen levels is far more effective than the most popular current therapy. ANI

Increased physical activity reduces risk of early mortality by 40 percent
A new study has claimed that increased physical activity reduces the risk of early mortality by almost 40 percent. ANI

7 simple lifestyle changes that can add decade to one's lifespan
A new study has claimed that simple lifestyle changes can add a decade or more healthy years to the average lifespan of a normal human being. ANI

'Size Zero' women less likely to get pregnant compared to obese counterparts
A new study has claimed that skinny women are less likely to become pregnant as compared to their overweight counterparts, including those who are classified as dangerously obese. ANI

World's longest study rules out mobile phone-cancer link
Danish scientists have claimed that prolonged usage of mobile phones is not linked with the risk of brain tumours and have clearly contradicted many of the studies on the same subject published earlier. ANI

New laser instrument to revolutionize safety checks of packaged food
Scientists have come up with a new laser instrument, which will keep a tab on the gas content of packaged food. ANI

Soy protein better than milk counterpart for improving cholesterol health
A new study has revealed that supplements of soy protein are much better than milk protein in terms of improving blood levels of HDL (good) cholesterol and thus the overall lipid profile in healthy individuals. ANI

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