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Health News on October 20, 2011

New home ultrasound device promises to make cellulite history
A new ultrasound machine has been developed that promises to rid you of unwanted body fat and cellulite in weeks, without making those expensive visits to salons. ANI

IVF increases chances of pre-eclampsia by 40 percent
A new research has claimed that IVF increases the chances of a potentially fatal pregnancy condition by almost 41 percent. ANI

Teens into head-banging heavy metal music at risk of depression, suicide
A new study has revealed that teens listening to head-banging heavy metal music are at greater risk of depression and suicide. ANI

Pollutants linked to 450 percent increase in risk of birth defects
Pesticides and coal and oil pollutants increase the risk of certain birth defects including spina bifida and anencephaly by an alarming 450 percent in rural China, a new research has revealed. ANI

Low math scores? Try getting more sleep
Adolescents sleeping more hours are likely to score higher in maths, Spanish researchers say. ANI

Men's biological clock for fathering kids slows dramatically after 41
Experts have warned that the chances of fathering children after the age of 41 "decline rapidly". ANI

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