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Health News on October 19, 2011

Salad drawer 'most dangerous place in fridge'
A study has revealed that the salad drawer is the most risky and the dirtiest place in the fridge, lodging 8000 bacteria every square centimetre. ANI

Couple conceives son while 'sexonomic' father was asleep!
A couple were amazed to find out that they had conceived while the husband, who is suffering from 'sexsomnia', was fast asleep. ANI

Allergies cut risk of developing deadly brain tumors
The immune system's response to allergies may reduce the risk of developing deadly brain tumours, a new study has suggested. ANI

Soon, 'elixir of life' pill that can let us live to 150!
A wonder pill that can slow the ageing process is likely to become available within five years, raising the prospect of people eventually living to 150 and beyond, researchers say. ANI

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