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Health News on October 16, 2011

Dancing can help prevent diabetes
Dancing can help ward off obesity, a key factor in Type 2 diabetes, US scientists say. ANI

Women's heart disease linked to dysfunctional small blood vessels
After a heart attack, women's hearts are more likely to maintain their systolic function-their ability to contract and pump blood from the chambers into the arteries, according to new research. ANI

Pomegranate extract 'best thing since aspirin'
An extract from the pomegranate fruit makes for the biggest medical breakthrough since aspirin was discovered in willow trees in 1829, scientists say. ANI

Older women could prevent osteoporosis by drinking beer
Older women could protect themselves against osteoporosis in later life by drinking a pint of beer a day, according to new research. ANI

Women distracted during sex face trouble reaching orgasm
Women who are distracted during sex have trouble reaching orgasm, according to new research. ANI

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