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Health News on October 15, 2011

MRI's 'may become powerful new tools to monitor cholesterol drugs'
MRI scanning could serve as a powerful new tool to assess how well cholesterol drugs are working, a US scientist says. ANI

Pills to halt obesity come closer to reality
A breakthrough in understanding how obesity progresses, is providing clues for future treatments to tackle the epidemic. ANI

Heavy, moderate drinkers at increased injury risk
Alcohol consumption greatly increases risk for serious injury among heavy and moderate drinkers, according to new research. ANI

Undergrads' impulsivity, aggression linked to continued alcohol problems
Undergraduates who are heavy drinkers are more likely to abuse alcohol and be at risk for alcohol-related problems if they have high levels of impulsivity and aggression, according to a new study. ANI

Obesity has greater impact on teen girls' BP
Although obesity does not help teens of either gender, it has a greater impact on girls' blood pressure than it does on boys, according to a new study from the University of California at Merced. ANI

Exercise before and during early pregnancy benefits mothers-to-be
Researcher have revealed that exercise before conception and in the early stages of pregnancy may protect a mother-to-be by stimulating the expression of two proteins thought to play a role in blood vessel health. ANI

Eating purple potatoes 'can lower BP without piling on pounds'
Scientists have found that just a couple servings of potatoes a day reduces blood pressure almost as much as oatmeal without causing weight gain. ANI

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