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Health News on October 14, 2011

92 pc of mobile handsets contaminated with life-threatening bugs
Scientists have found that mobile phones play host to potentially life-threatening bacteria, including E.coli and MRSA. ANI

Why jet lag hits some people more than others
A new study has claimed that differing molecular processes in an area of the brain - the suprachiasmatic nucleus, is likely to play a significant role in the difference in intensity of jet lag. ANI

Having tart cherries can help battle 'Fruit Fatigue'
Tart cherries have been recommended as a powerful way to add variety, flavour and unique health benefits to a daily menu and help beat America's "Fruit Fatigue." ANI

Speaking more than one language can help delay Alzheimer's
For the first time, Toronto scientists have physical evidence that people who speak more than one language could delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease than their monolingual counterparts. ANI

Gut bugs behind why some people don't respond to cholesterol-lowering statin
Although statins can successfully lower cholesterol for most people, some patients don't respond well to these medications. Reason: gut bacteria, says a new research. ANI

Estrogen 'preserves cognitive function in obese postmenopausal women'
It is known that obesity not only increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, but also results in the decline of mental abilities, including memory, language, and thought-processing speed. ANI

Green veggies help improve body's immune defences
Researchers have found that green vegetables -from bok choy to broccoli - are the source of a chemical signal that is important to a fully functioning immune system. ANI

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