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Health News on October 13, 2011

Over-exertion during sex may lead to temporary amnesia
Scientists have warned that over-exertion during sex can wipe out one's memory, a rare condition called "transient global amnesia". ANI

Sex hormone may help prevent strokes in early menopausal women
A new study has claimed that estrogen may prevent strokes in premature or early menopausal women. ANI

Smokers' lungs similar to those of cystic fibrosis patients
Chain smokers take note. A new study has shown that smoking cigarettes affects the lungs in a way that is very similar to cystic fibrosis, a life threatening disease affecting the lungs and other organs. ANI

Indian guavas pip apples to become 'ultimate superfood'!
A new study led by an Indian origin researcher has found that guavas are the "ultimate superfood" with the highest concentration of antioxidants that protect against cell damage which ages skin and can cause cancer. ANI

Stanford researchers identify new molecular target for diabetes therapy
Artificially activating a key molecular pathway responsible for the natural decrease in the proliferation of insulin-producing cells that occurs as a person ages could one day lead to a new way to combat diabetes, say researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. ANI

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