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Health News on November 22, 2011

Soon, lose weight by simply chewing gum after meals
A team of scientists is trying to develop a chewing gum that may assist individuals in losing weight. ANI

UN says AIDS related deaths in 2010 fell 21 percent since peak in 1997
Deaths caused from AIDS-related illnesses has decreased by 21percent since 2005, according to a report by the United Nations. ANI

Diet rich in fruits, grains can boost male fertility
Men who eat plenty of fruits and grains but cut down on their red meat and alcohol intake have higher chances of a successful in-vitro fertilisation, a new study has suggested. ANI

High-achieving couples who meet at work likelier to have autistic kids
Experts are becoming increasingly concerned that engineers, scientists and computer programmers who meet their partners at work may be fuelling an increase in cases of autism. ANI

Foetal stem cells could be key in healing mother's injured heart
Foetal stem cells help mothers to recuperate from heart damage, a new study by Indian origin scientist has suggested. ANI

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