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Health News on May 9, 2011

iPad 'helps minimise kid's pain and anxiety during procedures'
In a new kind of experiment, nurses at the emergency department of New York-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital are using iPads to minimize pain of the patient. ANI

New artificial skin to heal burnt wounds faster
If trials are successful then healing burnt victims' wounds could become an easy and painless task. ANI

Pregnant women can have occasional drink without guilt
Healthy pregnant women can have an occasional glass of wine without feeling guilty or posing any major threat to the unborn baby, according to Britain's top midwife. ANI

Now, a diabetes pill to prevent obese mums having fat babies
Soon, obese mothers-to-be will be able to prevent their babies from being born fat - thanks to a diabetes drug. ANI

Healthy lifestyle helps prevent breast cancer
Women can prevent the occurrence of the fatal breast cancer by adopting a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating healthy, curbing alcohol and exercising, according to a study. ANI

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