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Health News on May 5, 2011

Scientists discover protein that can halt spread of breast cancer
Scientists have discovered a protein that is capable of halting the spread of breast cancer cells. ANI

Most adults do not know they suffer from autism or asperger's syndrome
A study has found that most adults, who were identified with autism or asperger's syndrome, did not know they had the condition. ANI

High salt diet 'lowers heart disease risk'
Doctors have been telling us for long that too much salt is bad for our health. ANI

Late sleepers at risk of becoming overweight
A new Northwestern Medicine study has suggested that staying up late every night and sleeping late could put you at risk for gaining weight. ANI

Asthma drug found to be just as effective as inhalers also easier to use
A new study has found that a rarely prescribed asthma drug is just as effective as inhalers and easier to use. ANI

Exercise protects heart from injury through nitric oxide
A study has found new evidence that the nitric oxide generated during physical exercise protects the heart from injury. ANI

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