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Health News on May 3, 2011

2 tests better than 1 for diagnosing diabetes in overweight children
A new study has found that just the recommended blood test may not be sufficient to catch type 2 diabetes in overweight kids, missing more than two-thirds of them at high-risk. ANI

Blame your gut for your skin allergies
According to a new study, many children with atopic dermatitis also have food allergies, and in the course of skin contact with food allergens, the disease can worsen. ANI

'Nothing natural about 'Natural Viagra' being sold online'
Australia's medicines regulator has warned its people against using a herbal erectile dysfunction treatment available over the internet. ANI

How second-hand smoke may increase vulnerability to nicotine addiction
A study has found that exposure to second-hand smoke has a direct, measurable impact on the brain, and that the effect is similar to what happens in the smoker's brain. ANI

Early nutrition can program person's metabolism, health for future
A study has found that nutrition during the first days or weeks of life may have long-term consequences on health, potentially via a phenomenon known as the metabolic programming effect. ANI

Depression 'leaves people tougher, resilient and more creative'
Depression has become something of a modern-day epidemic, with some experts arguing that it can be a positive life-changing experience that leaves people tougher, more resilient and more creative. ANI

Dementia linked to midlife weight crisis
A new study has revealed that people who are overweight or obese in midlife have 80 pc higher risk of developing dementia, Alzheimer's disease or vascular dementia in old age. ANI

Living close to nature does improve health and overall life quality
A recent study has found that living close to greenery and natural environment makes a person healthier, social, generous and calmer than living in a concrete jungle. ANI

Poor sleep linked to worse health outcomes in diabetics
Scientists have found that people with diabetes who sleep poorly have higher insulin resistance, and a harder time controlling the disease. ANI

People who travel frequently for business have increased health risks
A study has found that people who travel frequently for business increase the rates of poor health and health risk factors, including obesity and high blood pressure. ANI

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