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Health News on May 28, 2011

New Chinese apparatus to treat depression with 'prescriptive music'
A therapeutic apparatus, claimed to be the world's first instrument to treat clinical depression, has been developed in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. ANI

New insights into treatment of hereditary breast, ovarian cancer
A study has reported new insights into the pathogenesis and treatment of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and newly discovered risk genes. ANI

New treatment developed to dissolve blood clots in brain tissue
A novel treatment has been developed that will help dissolve blood clots in brain tissue of patients with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). ANI

Granny was wrong about her 'fixed times for feeding babies' advice
It has emerged that grandmothers were wrong in suggesting that babies should be fed only every few hours, as a new study reveals that feeding the new-born on demand checks obesity at a later age. ANI

Coming soon- 'drop-a-dress-size' weight-loss drug to win battle of bulge
A 'drop-a-dress-size' pill that works within a matter of weeks could go on sale within 2 years. ANI

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