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Health News on May 26, 2011

Now, a drug that may help 'write-over' bad memories
A study has found a drug that could help reduce the brain's ability to recall painful memories. ANI

Kids suffer wrist, finger pain from using gaming devices, mobile phones
A study has found that children who use gaming devices and mobile phones experience wrist and finger pain over time. ANI

Low-income women '6 times more likely to die from alcohol abuse'
Women in low-income job roles are almost six times as likely to die from alcohol abuse than those in higher paid employment, according to new UK government research. ANI

Here's how visiting a pub five nights a week improves health
Japanese scientists have claimed that going to a pub five nights a week can actually improve one's health, but they also caution that it will only work if we limit ourselves to just two pints of beer or similar units of wine each time. ANI

Sunbathing gives men's sperm counts a boost
A study has found that vitamin D, which is produced by the body when exposed to the sun, boosts the quality of sperm in men. ANI

Too much coffee 'cuts woman's chances of becoming pregnant'
Drinking too much coffee hinders a woman's chance of becoming pregnant, according to a new study. ANI

Cheapest sunscreens are the best to protect your skin!
Nothing can be better than this- cheapest and yet the best. ANI

Mums who use prenatal vitamins less likely to have kids with autism
A new study has suggested that women who do not take prenatal vitamins early in their pregnancy are twice as likely to have a child with an autism spectrum disorder than those who do. ANI

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