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Health News on May 25, 2011

Diabetics have three to five times higher risk of developing tuberculosis
A recent study has found that diabetics have a three to five times higher risk of developing tuberculosis (TB) than those without the disease. ANI

Online news websites add to social stigma of obesity
A study has found that online news websites add to the social stigma of obesity. ANI

'Social distancing' highly effective in stopping disease spread in pandemics: Study
According to a recently conducted study, social distancing measures during pandemics are highly effective in stopping the disease from spreading further. ANI

Why aging brains become less resilient to stress
Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have explained why the aging brain is less resilient and less capable of learning from life experiences. ANI

Baked/broiled fish cuts heart failure risk in postmenopausal women
A recent study has shown that postmenopausal women who ate more baked or broiled fish were at a lower risk of developing a heart failure compared to those who ate more fried fish. ANI

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