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Health News on May 24, 2011

Study shows promise for preventive vaccine against HIV/AIDS
A new study could pave the way for developing a preventive vaccine against the deadly HIV/AIDS disease. ANI

Substance in blood can tell if patient has severe sepsis
A researcher has discovered a substance in the blood, which shows if a patient has sepsis and how serious it is. ANI

S. African horn Vuvuzela can spread diseases: Study
Experts have revealed that the 'Vuvuzelas' or the horns used by football fans to celebrate last year's World Cup can spread diseases. ANI

How obsessive-compulsive disorder develops
A new study has found that obsessive-compulsive disorders start with compulsions, which lead to obsessions, and not the other way round. ANI

Expecting mums 'should be counseled about risks of caesareans'
New recommendations by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) have stated that it is vital to provide counseling to expecting mothers wishing to opt for caesarian child birth. ANI

Risk of newborn death cut in half when pregnancy lasts 39 weeks
A study has found that adding a few more weeks of pregnancy can cut a newborn's risk of death in half - even if the pregnancy has reached "term". ANI

'Situational specificity of tolerance' not caffeine behind Four Loko's intoxicating effect
A new study has dismissed previous claims that caffeine in the fruity alcoholic beverage, Four Loko, is responsible for the spike in alcohol-related hospitalizations. ANI

Weight gain after 1st baby's birth ups diabetes risk in 2nd pregnancy
A new study has revealed that women who gain weight between their first and second pregnancies have a heightened risk for developing pregnancy-related diabetes in their second pregnancy. ANI

'Turkey tail' mushroom gives new dimension to fight prostate tumour
A new research from New Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has shown that a mushroom used in Asia turned out to be completely successful in suppressing prostate tumour development in mice during its early trials. ANI

Change in one protein cell may trigger cardiac failure
Pointing to a new direction of drug development, a new research by the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre has found that switching of a protein can be a cause of 'a cascade of events' leading to heart failure. ANI

CT scan could help predict early death in diabetic patients
A study has found that a common test in the form of a CT scan may be useful in predicting early death in individuals with diabetes. ANI

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