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Health News on May 18, 2011

New avenue for treating breast cancer identified
Researchers at the CHUM Research Centre (CRCHUM) and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Australia have nailed a new technique of treating breast cancer. ANI

Stressful childhood may lead to shortening of telomeres
Researchers claim that stress suffered during childhood has deeper implications, which show at a later stage. ANI

Study links obstructive sleep apnea with tumour growth in mice
Researchers in Spain have identified a link between obstructive sleep apnea and cancer growth in mice. ANI

Body clock drug equally effective as traditional antidepressants
Researchers have claimed that a new drug that regulates the internal "body clock" is equally effective in treating depression as standard anti-depressants. ANI

Novel gene linked to aging hearts identified
Researchers have identified a gene, which may be responsible for aging process of the heart. This gene is located in the nucleus of muscle and brain cells. ANI

Exposure to cockroach allergens may cause asthma in kids
Researchers have found that children suffering from asthma may be more exposed to cockroach allergens in their neighbourhoods. ANI

'Eating for two' in pregnancy linked to risk of obesity later in life
A new study has warned that 'eating for two' during pregnancy could leave women saddled with the extra pounds for life, putting them at higher risk of obesity and health problems such as high blood pressure. ANI

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