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Health News on May 16, 2011

Trainers 'cause more injuries than killer high heels'
So far, it was the heels that were a worry for you. Now it has been confirmed that even trainers, that you wear to mimic celebrities, are no less harmful - they cause far more injuries than killer high heels. ANI

Obese men '3 times more likely to have prostate cancer progression'
Researchers at Duke University Medical Centre have found that obese men are exposed to an elevated risk of their prostate cancer worsening than slim men. ANI

Playing computer games may help recover from paralysis post stroke
A recent study has revealed that computer games can speed up a patient's recovery from paralysis after a stroke. ANI

Women 'have two pathways to sexual pleasure'
A new study has found that women have two pathways to sexual pleasure. ANI

Coming soon: blood test that tells how long you will live!
Soon, it will cost just 435 pounds to keep tab on your ageing process. Scientists have developed a blood test, which can show the speed of ageing and give an estimate of how long a person is going to live. ANI

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