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Health News on May 14, 2011

Tabloid accused of 'glorifying drugs' by advertising for 'marijuana critic'
A local tabloid in Southern Arizona has sparked controversy after publishing an advertisement for the position of a medical marijuana critic. ANI

Health lessons at school may reduce 'heart disease' risks in kids
Researchers have found that school intervention in the form of healthier cafeteria food, more physical education and lessons on healthy lifestyle may improve kids' heart health. ANI

Now, take 15-min online test to relieve your fear of Alzheimer's
Oxford University scientists have developed a fifteen-minute online test to find early signs of Alzheimer's disease in people as young as 50 years. ANI

Mitochondrial genes may be responsible for male infertility
A new study has revealed that a small set of genes located in the mitochondria could help in unravelling the mystery behind the causes of male infertility. ANI

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