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Health News on May 13, 2011

High-speed Internet access parallels growth in prescription drug abuse
A report has indicated that increasing access to rogue online pharmacies - those which dispense medications without a doctor's prescription - may be an important factor behind the rapid increase in the abuse of prescription drugs. ANI

Sharing musical instruments means sharing disease-causing germs
A pilot study has suggested that germs survive for several days in wind instruments including the clarinet, flute, and saxophone. ANI

Gene that causes intellectual disability discovered
A new study has found a gene that causes a particular type of intellectual disability called 'Joubert syndrome'. ANI

New X-ray method for detailed brain cell images devised
Researchers have developed a new method called SAXS-CT for making detailed X-ray images of brain cells. ANI

Disruption of nerve cells may lead to Parkinson's
Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine have revealed why Parkinson's disease selectively harms brain cells which produce the chemical dopamine. ANI

Guilt drives people to cooperate rather than act selfishly
Researchers at the University of Arizona have conducted a study using economic models backed up by fMRI scans to establish why people choose to cooperate rather than act selfishly. ANI

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