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Health News on May 11, 2011

New combo therapy eradicates prostate cancer in vivo
Cancer researchers have gone one step ahead in finding a cure for advanced prostate cancer through a microbubble-delivered combination therapy.hey combed an anti-cancer drug with a viral gene therapy in vivo using novel ultrasound-targeted microbubble-destruction (UTMD) technology to create an antidote for the potent tumour. ANI

Study links ageing to body's power stations - 'Mitochondria'
Researchers at the University of Gothenburg have found that the absence of a group of mitochondrial proteins could delay the onset of age-related diseases and increase lifespan. ANI

Vitamin D deficiency 'ups mortality risk in pneumonia patients'
Scientists have found that adult patients admitted to the hospital with pneumonia are more likely to die if they have Vitamin D deficiency. ANI

Experimental drug may soon cure constipation
The pain, bloating, discomfort, and straining associated with constipation could soon have relief - thanks to the efforts of some Mayo Clinic researchers. ANI

More US docs referring patients to seek yoga, meditation
A new Harvard study has revealed that more American doctors are putting away their prescription pads and asking their patients to seek yoga and meditation. ANI

People with longer ring fingers likelier to have neurone disease
A new study has found that people with longer ring fingers relative to the index finger are much more likely to have motor neuron disease. ANI

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