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Health News on March 30, 2011

Banning smoking in cars 'only way to protect kids'
A new study has shown that kids who get into a car more than an hour after a parent has put out a cigarette still face a threat to their health. ANI

Work is good for our health
Australian and New Zealand physicians have said that work is good for our health and long absences from employment can make us miserable. ANI

Protein aggregation plays significant role in cancer development
A new study has found that protein aggregation, which is generally associated with Alzheimer's and mad cow disease, plays a significant role in cancer development. ANI

Thyroid hormone is crucial in controlling eye's visual pigments
Thyroid hormone plays a very important role where the eyes are concerned, as it controls which visual pigment is produced in the cones. ANI

New treatment shows promise in the fight against breast cancer
Scientists have come up with a promising treatment to delay the growth and spread of breast cancer tumors. ANI

One third of women in Australia suffer post-sex blues
A new study has found that one third of all women in Australia have experienced post-sex blues at some point, and the reason for it is not clear. ANI

International Diabetes Federation backs surgery in fight against diabetes
Weight loss surgery can effectively treat diabetes in obese people, according to the medical fraternity. ANI

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