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Health News on March 16, 2011

Heart attack survival tied to hospital culture, organization of care
A new study has concluded that hospital culture and organization of care, including factors like the values and goals of the organization, and senior management involvement, may explain the wide range in mortality rates among patients treated for heart attacks in US hospitals. ANI

Oral vaccine could prevent up to 60pc of cholera cases
A new study has found that oral vaccines could prevent up to 60 percent of cholera cases in the first two years after vaccination. ANI

Oz food watchdog approves cannabis derived ice cream, cake, beer
Australia's food watchdog has approved the use of cannabis in ice cream, cake and beer on health grounds, despite fears that "marijuana munchies" could trigger positive drug tests. ANI

Herbs used in Chinese medicine 'more effective against severe malaria'
Scientists have found that antimalarial drug artesunate, which is derived from herbs used in Chinese medicine, is more effective than quinine at preventing death in patients with severe malaria. ANI

Scented candles can contain harmful chemicals in them
Indoor air quality experts in US have said that scented candles and air fresheners which make our homes smell nice, could contain hundreds of chemicals that are harmful to us. ANI

Weight-loss seeds found to be highly toxic
A nut-based diet product has been recalled around Australia after it was discovered that the product was poisonous and possibly lethal. ANI

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