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Health News on June 8, 2011

Weight Watchers' healthy eating plan named best diet for weight loss
Weight Watchers International, Inc., the world's leading weight management service provider, has been recognized as the Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss and the Best Commercial Diet Plan in the U.S. News and World Report first-ever Best Diets rankings. ANI

Young bisexual, lesbian women at high risk of developing cervical cancer
Young bisexual and lesbian women are less likely to undergo Pap tests than straight women, and are at high risk of developing cervical cancer, according to a new study. ANI

Potential treatment for E. coli in 2000 was canned over lack of commercial interest
A potential life-saving treatment for severe E. coli, which had been developed more than a decade ago, has not progressed into clinical trials in humans due to lack of commercial interest. ANI

Revolutionary new radio wave surgery heals asthma patients
A new surgery for asthma patients that uses radio waves to open up their airways has been found to dramatically reduce the debilitating symptoms and help patients lead normal lives. ANI

Mum's stigmatizing attitude about mentally ill child hinders recovery
A new study led by a Northern Illinois University sociologist has revealed that the negative attitudes of a mother about her mentally ill child can hinder the recovery of the child from the illness. ANI

Now, an apple (peel) a day may keep your muscles stronger!
Researchers at the University of Iowa have discovered that a waxy substance known as ursolic acid found in the apple peel reduces muscle atrophy and promotes muscle growth in mice. ANI

Women 'fake orgasm because of insecurities and own fear of intimacy'
Scientists at the Temple University in Pennsylvania have discovered the reason why women pretend to climax in bed - they are riddled with insecurities and have a fear of intimacy. ANI

3 or more cups of coffee a day doubles hepatitis C treatment response
A new study has found that advanced hepatitis C patients with chronic liver disease may benefit from drinking coffee during treatment. ANI

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