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Health News on June 4, 2011

New vaccine improves gliobastoma survival rates threefold
A new study from University Hospitals Case Medical Center, UCSF and Columbia, has found that a new vaccine extends recurrent gliobastoma (GBM) survival rates by two to three times. ANI

Single mums more prone to poor health in midlife
A new study has revealed that single mothers are more susceptible to health problems in their midlife than their peers who become mothers after marriage. ANI

3-D virtual world weight loss 'healthier' than that in traditional gym
A study has shown that though participants reduced similar amounts of weight and body fat through a 3-D online weight loss programme as did those in traditional health club sessions, the online therapy recorded significantly greater gains in behaviours that could facilitate healthier and leaner lives. ANI

Common painkiller found to 'kill orgasms in men'
Researchers have revealed that Gabapentin, a medication commonly used in treating neuropathic pain, seizures and biopolar disease in elderly patients may lead to an absence of orgasm. ANI

Vaccine dramatically improves survival of advanced melanoma patients
The results of a large clinical trial have shown that a vaccine combined with the immune-boosting drug Interleukin-2 can improve response rate and progression-free survival for patients with advanced melanoma, which is the most lethal type of skin cancer. ANI

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