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Health News on June 30, 2011

Men take 1-yr to catch up with women after having knee replacement surgery
A study has found that men take longer than women to recover from knee replacement surgery, but after a year, they catch up and there are no differences in surgery outcomes at that time. ANI

Obese patients '12 times likelier to suffer surgical complications'
A new research by Johns Hopkins scientists has suggested that obese patients undergoing elective plastic surgery are nearly 12 times more likely to develop complications than their normal-weight counterparts. ANI

'Rotten egg' gas could soon pave way for heart disease therapy
Hydrogen sulphide - best known for its rotten egg smell - and nitric oxide could soon act as a therapy for heart problems, according to a new study. ANI

Cut snacking, portion sizes to prevent obesity
Focusing on reducing how much and how often people eat could help tackle obesity, experts have said. ANI

Alcohol-related memory blackouts raise students' future injury risk
The higher the number of alcohol-related memory blackouts a student experiences, the greater is his/her risk of a future injury while under the influence, according to a new study. ANI

Now, pine tree powder can cure hay fever
Researchers have found a possible cure of hay fever that is plagued by itchy eyes and a runny nose in summer. The sufferers may find relief in a powder produced from pine trees. ANI

Txt2stop helping smokers to quit smoking faster
A new study has found that sending motivational and supportive text messages to people, who are trying to give up smoking, can doubled their quit rates. ANI

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