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Health News on June 29, 2011

Chemical from insulin producing beta cells can prevent, reverse diabetes
According to a new study, a chemical produced by the same cells that make insulin in the pancreas was found to prevent and even reverse Type 1 diabetes in mice. ANI

Fidgeting at your desk contributes to your cardiorespiratory fitness
A study has found that when you are fidgeting at your desk or walking to the photocopier, you are actually contributing more to the fitness of your lungs and heart. ANI

Food packaging chemical could make a man undesirable to females
A study has revealed that a chemical found in food packaging could have the ability to reduce a man's sex appeal, and make him undesirable to females. ANI

Junk food ads on TV make kids want to eat unhealthily food
Researchers have found that children who watch adverts for junk food on television become hungrier and crave meals that are unhealthily for them. ANI

Now, indulge in candies without worrying about gaining extra kilos!
A recent study has shown that children and adolescents who eat candies tend to weigh less than their non-consuming counterparts. ANI

Obesity leads to premature death in non-smoking women
A new research has found that women who never smoked were much more likely to suffer from obesity and die prematurely, particularly if they are poor. ANI

Vitamin D supplements safe and effective for pregnant women
A new study has found that using vitamin D supplements during pregnancy are safe and effective for both women and their newborns, even at the highest amount. ANI

Diet sodas, artificial sweeteners increase waist size, blood sugar levels
Two new studies have suggested that taking diet sodas as healthy alternatives to control weight gain might be a self-defeating behaviour. ANI

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