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Health News on June 27, 2011

Scientists develop magnetic nanoparticles that can kill cancer cells
South Korean scientists have developed magnetic nanoparticles that can destroy cancer cells under the influence of a magnetic field. ANI

'Snacking not linked to weight gain'
US researchers have indicated that consuming snacks cannot be blamed for the rise in obesity. ANI

Now, a tiny gadget to end migraine, headache miseries in 15 min!
A Danish research has indicated that a tiny gadget when surgically implanted into the gum can relieve the pain of severe headaches and migraines. ANI

'Lean gene' found in slim people ups risk of heart disease, diabetes
An international consortium of investigators has warned that people who appear trim and fit may unknowingly be at risk of life-threatening conditions. ANI

Pregnant women who 'eat for 2' could be damaging their babies' IQs
Pregnant women 'eating for two' can put their babies at risk from eating disorders and a low IQ, a new research has warned. ANI

'Too posh to push' mums fuelling caesarean birth epidemic
A study has revealed that childbirths by caesarean section have considerably increased in the last 30 years. ANI

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