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Health News on June 24, 2011

'Good' cholesterol cuts chances of coronary artery disease
Scientists have discovered that the biological function of 'good' cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) is just as vital in cutting the risk of coronary artery disease than its quantity. ANI

Elderly patients relying on drug cocktails likelier to have early death
A major study has warned that drug cocktails or mixing medication can put elderly patients who rely on it at risk of early death. ANI

Chocolate milk is best drink for recovery after exercise
Scientists have claimed that chocolate milk is the best recovery drink to have after exercise, as it helps build more muscles, boost performance and keep off the fat. ANI

Feeling lonely? Take a warm water bath
Are you feeling lonely? Then go for a hot bath as a study has found that taking a long soak in the tub can help combat feelings of isolation and exclusion. ANI

Now, eat strawberries to stave off ageing and prevent cancer, diabetes!
It's often called the wonder fruit. Now, a new research has revealed that eating strawberries could help stave off ageing and even prevent cancer. ANI

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