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Health News on June 19, 2011

How nutritious are ice creams, yoghurts and snow cones?
They may be the best heat quenchers on a sultry afternoon, but the variedly flavoured ice creams and yoghurts may not fair well on the nutritional and rehydration scale. ANI

1st human trial to cool brains of stroke patients
Melbourne researchers are conducting the world's first human trial, which promises to halt the death of brain cells by cooling the brain and blood in patients suffering from stroke. ANI

Power foods 'that boost overall health'
In times of hectic lifestyle and poor eating habits, it is essential to include 'power foods' in our diet that keep us energized and focused. ANI

Paternal exposures likely to affect a man's ability to father a child
Paternal exposures to drugs, electromagnetic radiations, environmental chemicals, heavy metals and sexually transmitted diseases before or during his partner's pregnancy may damage sperm leading to infertility, according to a new study. ANI

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