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Health News on June 17, 2011

It's possible to be obese, yet healthy: Study
An Indian researcher has challenged the common perception that obese and overweight people are not as healthy as their counterparts with a new study. ANI

Eating disorders, abuse history lead to pregnancy-related depression
Researchers at the University of North Carolina have identified that pregnancy-related depression is linked to eating disorders and history of physical or sexual abuse. ANI

Boosting immunity to fight cold causes 'asthma to flare-up'
According to a new study conducted by the University of Michigan, heightened immunity to cold makes the asthma flare-up. ANI

How snack-based cafeteria-style diet is bad for health
A study has found that a high-fat diet can be bad for your health, but what is even worse is a snack-based cafeteria-style diet of highly palatable, energy-dense foods. ANI

Screening during pregnancy 'cuts baby deaths due to congenital syphilis'
Researchers at the University College London have discovered that screening women for syphilis during pregnancy cuts the rate of baby deaths. ANI

Athletes may reap greater rewards with shorter warm-up sessions, finds study
Though warming up before athletic competition increases muscle temperature, accelerates oxygen uptake kinetics and increases anaerobic metabolism, all of which enhances performance, a study has have found evidence indicating that less is more. ANI

Vaccine against cervical cancer works successfully
An Australian study has found that vaccines to protect against HPV virus, which causes cervical cancer, are working successfully after a drop in high-grade cervical abnormalities was seen. ANI

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