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Health News on June 15, 2011

Pressure to shed extra flab deprives teen white girls of sleep
A new study has revealed that white adolescent girls tend to lose more sleep over pressures from girlfriends and the media to shed weight than black girls. ANI

Baseball caps, flip-flops pose hidden skin cancer risk
Though baseball caps and flip-flops are cheap, convenient and have a trendy charm, they could pose a hidden health risk from skin cancer, according to an expert. ANI

'Weekend lie-in' doesn't make up for 'six hours sleep' during week
A new study has revealed that sleeping six hours every night and cramming extra sleep into the weekend doesn't make up for loss of sleep of the preceding weekdays. ANI

Sleep on your left side during pregnancy 'to avoid still-birth'
A New Zealand study has suggested that sleeping on the left side during late pregnancy could help women avoid still-birth risk. ANI

Cellular signaling pathway instrumental in controlling obesity
Researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine have discovered a potential therapeutic target for controlling obesity. ANI

6 to 9 hrs of sound sleep a night linked to high quality of life, less depression
Getting six to nine hours of sleep a night is associated with higher ratings for quality of life and lower ratings for depression, according to a new study. ANI

Anti-AIDS gel also boosts sexual pleasure
South African scientists, who launched a 24-month trial to confirm the efficacy of a microbicide gel that would reduce the risk of women getting HIV, have found an unexpected spin-off - it also boosts sexual pleasure. ANI

Aussie experts rule out mobile phone cancer link, call it 'overblown'
Australian experts have advocated that there is no substantial evidence that mobile phones cause cancer. ANI

Good sleep could improve undergrads' classroom performance
A new study has found that sleep can help college students retain and integrate new information to solve problems on a classroom exam. ANI

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