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Health News on June 14, 2011

'Low-saturated fat' diet may help nip Alzheimer's disease in the bud
According to a new study, following a low-saturated fat and low-glycemic index diet may modulate the risk of developing dementia that proceeds to Alzheimer's disease (AD). ANI

Stem cells from smell-sensing region of human nose could treat brain disorders
A study has suggested that adult stem cells from immune system tissue in the smell-sensing region of the human nose (human olfactory ecto-mesenchymal stem cells [OE-MSCs]) could provide a source of cells to treat brain disorders. ANI

Exposure to second-hand smoke gets preteens hooked on nicotin
A study has found that exposure to second-hand smoke can make non-smoking preteens become dependent on nicotine. ANI

Dengue virus circulating in forest could cause human outbreaks
A study has suggested that a forest-dwelling counterpart of the Dengue virus that is circulating between monkeys and mosquitoes could emerge to cause human outbreaks. ANI

Group therapy helps Multiple Sclerosis patients cope with depression
A new study at The University of Nottingham has revealed that offering emotional support to Multiple Sclerosis sufferers through group therapy sessions could improve their quality of life and save the NHS almost 500 pounds per patient. ANI

Sleepiness may impair brain's inhibitory control over high-calorie foods
A study has suggested that daytime sleepiness may affect inhibitory control in the brain when viewing tantalizing, high-calorie foods. ANI

Alcohol drinks not main culprit for migraine headaches, claims study
Researchers have indicated that the role of alcoholic drinks that are considered to trigger migraine in patients is poorly understood. ANI

'Big boys don't cry' syndrome behind men's aversion to seeing doctors
A new survey has revealed that nearly 70 percent of men do not care for their personal health because of 'big boys don't cry' syndrome. ANI

Using mobile phone for just 15 minutes a day ups brain cancer risk, claims study
A new research has indicated that using a mobile phone for just 15 minutes a day can substantially increase the risk of brain cancer among its users. ANI

New drug promises to prevent one in five heart attack deaths
A new drug has boosted hopes of preventing at least one out of five deaths caused due to a heart attack, currently being treated with the traditional drug clopidogrel. ANI

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