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Health News on June 10, 2011

Non-alcoholic wheat beer boosts athletes' health
'Be-MaGIC', the largest study of marathons worldwide (beer, marathons, genetics, inflammation and the cardiovascular system), has shown that the consumption of non-alcoholic weissbier, or wheat beer, has a positive effect on athletes' health. ANI

Researchers envisage 20 new vaccines to fight likes of malaria in next decade
Researchers have suggested in the Lancet that there is high possibility of developing 20 new or improved vaccines in the next decade. ANI

Coming soon- pill that will make cat allergies history
Scientists from the Nottingham University are on the way to making a drug that may put an end to all the miseries caused by feline allergies, ranging from a fit of sneezes to a dangerous asthma attack. ANI

Killer heels and ill-fitting shoes could end up giving you arthritis
A new study has found that donning killer heels and ill-fitting footwear could end up giving you arthritis. ANI

Month of birth governs your longevity and health
A new study has suggested that a child's likelihood of being asthmatic, autistic, schizophrenic or having MS is linked the mother's exposure to the Sun while she is pregnant. ANI

Including fruit juice in 'five-a-day' healthy portions bad for health
Researchers at Bangor University have proposed that fruit juice should not be included in 'five-a-day' healthy portions because it contains too much sugar. ANI

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