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Health News on July 19, 2011

An ordinary cuppa 'just as good for health as much vaunted green tea'
It might be virtuous and exotic, but buying expensive green tea for its health-boosting properties may be a waste of money, according to a new study. ANI

How living a healthier lifestyle can prevent Alzheimer's
A study has found that Alzheimer's can be prevented by making some simple lifestyle changes like smoking less and exercising more. ANI

Why marriage can be good for a man's heart
The benefits of marriage on health, particularly for men, have long been known. ANI

How ponytails, jogging, ham sandwiches and sex can cause headaches
Having headaches far too often? Don't reach for the painkillers yet, as you may want to know what could really be causing the thumping pain, and maybe, do things differently. ANI

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