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Health News on July 18, 2011

Just 2 glasses of wine daily 'up risk of breast cancer death'
Experts have earlier warned that alcohol consumption increases the risk of contracting breast cancer. Now for the first time, a new study has shown that it also raises the risk of a woman dying from it once she has. ANI

UK mum-to-be develops furniture polish cravings!
A pregnant lady in the UK suffers from a bizarre eating disorder - she feels compelled to eat furniture polish at least three times a day. ANI

Loving your own body will help you lose weight
A new study has found that improving body image can enhance the effectiveness of weight loss programs based on diet and exercise. ANI

'Kids as young as 10 at heart disease risk due to obesity'
A top childhood obesity expert has revealed that kids as young as10 are at risk of heart disease due to obesity. ANI

Simple painkillers 'may lessen agitation in dementia patients'
Agitation, a common dementia symptom, could be better treated with simple painkillers rather than the riskier 'chemical cosh' antipsychotic drugs, according to a study. ANI

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