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Health News on July 12, 2011

Teens in China with healthy habits more likely to be overweight
A study has found that teenaged boys from well-off Chinese families, who say they are physically active and eat plenty of vegetables but few sweets, are more likely to be overweight. ANI

Here's how to work out at work and stay trim
The British government has drawn up workplace exercise guidelines to tackle the rising levels of obesity in the country. ANI

Smoking during pregnancy linked to birth defects like deformed limbs
A study has found that smoking during pregnancy can lead to common birth defects like missing or deformed limbs, clubfoot, facial disorders and gastrointestinal problems. ANI

Top 10 things that keep one from attaining the ideal body
A brother-sister team has revealed the top ten things that keep people from attainting their ideal body shape and weight. ANI

Both working and stay-at-home mums equally stressed
A new study has revealed that regardless of whether a mom is staying at home or working, they both feel the same amount of stress when it comes to balancing responsibilities. ANI

Ranbaxy,Gilead Sciences to manufacture and market three anti-HIV drugs in India, developing nations
Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited (Ranbaxy) announced today that it has entered into an in-licensing agreement with Gilead Sciences, Inc. for three new HIV/AIDS drugs which are currently in late-stage clinical development. ANI

Spanish surgeons perform world's first double-leg transplant
Surgeons in Spain have performed the world's first double-leg transplant on a man whose legs were amputated above the knee after an accident. ANI

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