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Health News on July 11, 2011

Say good-bye to spinal scars, thanks to newly found blood cells
Scientists have identified a group of blood vessel cells that might be helpful to repair scars on the spinal cord. ANI

Caesarean births 'raise risk of post-natal depression' in new mums
A study has found that a woman's risk of post-natal depression increases substantially if she has a Caesarean section, and that the dangers are even greater when it is "elective". ANI

Now, control your hunger pangs by consuming high-protein diets
Here is good news for all those overweight and obese people struggling to shed their extra kilos. A new study has found that high-protein diets can boost appetite control and satiety in overweight men during weight loss. ANI

Replace salt with seaweed granules to prevent strokes, early death
Scientists have claimed that high blood pressure, strokes and early deaths could be prevented by replacing salt with seaweed granules in bread and processed foods. ANI

Lack of Vitamin D increases chances of muscle injuries in football players
A new study has suggested that lack of Vitamin D might be a key reason behind the health problems and muscle injuries of athletes. ANI

Kids under 5 should exercise three hours a day, Brit Govt to advise
In the growing concern over childhood obesity, the British government has issued new guidelines to parents, recommending three hours of daily exercise for children under the age of five ANI

Trial to beat peanut allergy produces 'very promising results'
Children, who have a peanut allergy, may soon get relief, after a trial showed "very promising results". ANI

Getting fat? Blame it on 'chemical calories' in beauty products
A new study has found that the reason most of us are unable to shed the fat in our body, is because of the "chemical calories" present in beauty products such as shampoo, body lotions and soap that we use. ANI

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